Frewen Arts curate fresh, contemporary, multi-media exhibitions that showcase vibrant, emerging artists.

Specialising in Antipodean and Middle Eastern works, we're passionate about using art to inspire and educate through our cultural programmes.


Today, Frewen Arts collaborates with artists to curate inspiring exhibitions, representing the true spirit of their work.

Frewen Arts was founded by art curator Georgina Martin who chanced upon Aboriginal Art in the early 1990s. When working as a cattle station hand on the borders of the Western Desert, she was introduced to ancient Aboriginal rock etchings, which lead her to explore more contemporary works.


Inspired by what she discovered, she returned to England to complete her Art History degree and arm-twisted her tutors into allowing her to write a dissertation on the then little-known Aboriginal Art movement.


Subsequently, she worked for Raintree Gallery in Darwin, which was at the time the only aboriginal-owned gallery in existence.


In 1997, in collaboration with the late Dorothy Bennett, and funded by The Arts Council and Visiting Arts, she curated the first major UK exhibition of Kunwinjku Art from Oenpelli called “Keepers of the Mimi Spirit” at the October Gallery, London.